Noomi Rapace Get Cannes Ready with RIKI SKINNY

It’s that time of the year again when the celebrities travel all the way to France and come together dressed in their best designer suits and gowns, for a 10-day showcase for some of the best new movies from all over the world, I’m talking about of course, The Cannes Film Festival.

With the cancellation of the Cannes Film Festival last year due to the pandemic, celebrities missed no opportunity to show out this year. Featured in Vogue, Noomi Rapace took them behind the scenes and shared her glam routine.

The What Happened to Monday star arrived at the French Riviera for the film festival’s Lamb premiere in which she plays lead role, Maria, but before the Premier she detailed what needed to be done to be red carpet ready. 

When it comes to beauty and producing a flawless makeup look, the first thing that must be cared for is your skin. One skincare ritual done by Rapace that you too can do is putting your face in a bowl of ice. The coldness from the ice facial helps to bring about a natural radiant glow. It increases blood flow within the body and decreases redness on the face.

After getting her hair and makeup done by makeup artist, Lois McIntosh, Rapace turns to the only product she trusts to deliver the lighting needed to achieve the picture perfect red carpet look, the RIKI SKINNY. When there’s wide-optic lenses in your face taking pictures with 60 megapixels, you want to make sure that no pore is left unblurred and with the magnified mirror attachment, the RIKI SKINNY allows you to give your face the closer look it may need.

When it comes to a celebrity make-up look, especially one that is going to be displayed on a red carpet, lighting is EVERYTHING. To have your makeup done in the wrong lighting can result in numerous mishaps such as Flashback Mary, or the makeup not popping correctly in photos that’ll be on the internet forever. Luckily with the RIKI SKINNY, it has five brightness settings helping the users illuminate in any lighting situation that comes their way.

RIKI LOVES RIKI products are not just made for celebrities, and skin is universal so why not buy a product that not only allows you to shine on the outside, but also within? With the world starting to go back to normal after a crazy year (thanks Covid-19), the city that never sleeps has had a year-long siesta but lo and behold, and it's waking up! If you are like me, then you have probably forgotten how to do makeup. From knowing which brush to use, to knowing what colors compliment my summer skin tone the best. So, when I had to reteach myself to beat my face, I wanted to make sure the best products to show that the make-up vision was being executed correctly. With New York in its hottest month, wearing makeup can seem like such a hassle on the skin right now.  

One thing to keep makeup on for a long time is to apply a face mask. It cleans dirt and impurities from skin and allows makeup to lay flawlessly. Also, make sure to put on hyaluronic acid and a vitamin-c serum so that the skin is hydrated and glowing without a highlighter. If you do not want to wear a full-coverage foundation due to the heat, why not opt for a tinted moisturizer? Preferably one with an SPF of 25 or higher so that your skin is protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun.




The RIKI SKINNY is a super bright mirror using GLAMCOR technology to deliver performance never seen in any lighted mirror in this class or size. Five stages of dimming give you full control of the level of detail you want to see.

Our legendary quality LEDs have been intricately and masterfully hand-crafted for the RIKI SKINNY. There is NO BETTER COLOR of lighting for photos in the expert opinion of others and us. We spent over two years designing this color blend, and we let the data speak for itself.

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