RIKI Shower Mirror

$135.00 USD

The RIKI Shower Mirror is fogless by heating, lighted, waterproof, and rechargeable. This new tech has a combination of features you will only find here. Mount it on your shower wall in less than a minute and experience your best shaves.

Our design starts with heated, shatter-proof glass – the same technology used in luxury vehicle mirrors – that prevents condensation before it can start. It also has a built-in ring of HD daylight LEDs with five brightness settings, so you will be illuminated to see details for your closest shaves. And it is fully battery-powered with our proprietary magnetic charging mount.

If you want to know how much detail is in this design, look at the mounting logic. The magnetic mounting bar makes installation fast, it keeps the mirror secure, and it makes removing the mirror for charging easy. Just pull the Shower Mirror off from the magnetic mounting bar, charge it, and mount it back.

You will enjoy a best-in-class shower experience with the RIKI Shower Mirror. 


• Heated defogging mirror with LED lights
• Five (5) brightness levels
• Rechargeable battery - lasts 6 hours
• Shatterproof and waterproof mirror
• Magnetic mount includes tape that adheres to glass, stone, and ceramic tiles
• Mirror Dimensions: 7" diameter x 0.5" depth

The RIKI Shower Mirror includes the following:
(1) LED lighted Shower Mirror
(1) Magnetic Bar
(1) Power Supply