RIKI Sticky Mount

$22.50 USD $30.00 USD

Accessorize your RIKI SKINNY with our STICKY MOUNT attachment! Travel with your RIKI SKINNY in style. Our STICKY MOUNT allows you to mount your RIKI mirror on any glass surface for perfect lighting anywhere - even the most horribly lit hotels. Be sure to reattach the RIKI STICKY MOUNT to the glass surface after 3-4 hours of use!  

How to use:

  • Remove the protective film on the soft heart to expose the adhesive.
  • Affix the soft heart to the center of the back of your mirror.
  • Push suction cup firmly onto any glass surface like a mirror or window.
  • Tighten the lever by moving it upwards for the Suction Cup to create a strong suction onto the surface.
  • Align the heart clip and the suction cup mount. Place heart onto mounting, and slide the heart down to snap it into place. And voila!
  • To remove the RIKI SKINNY from the Suction Cup, release the latch by pulling the mirror up.
  • To remove Suction Cup release the latch and pull the silicone tab at the top edge of the suction cup.